3 More Ways to Master Your Fear of Presentations

1) Ask yourself, ‘What’s the worst that can happen?’

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This one is my favourite, as sometimes you face yourself with some wild hypothesis where you pass out on stage or completely freeze up and forget everything. But the reality of this is, these are rarely a possibility and in the grand scheme of things, they’re a great story for at the pub later. The worst that can happen never means the end of the world, so understand what it might be, overcome it, and move on.

2) The Law Of Averages

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This one is simple, The Law of Averages refers to the probability of a specific event occurring, an effective tool to find out if it’s worth fretting about. When you begin to think about ‘the worst possible thing that could happen’, you can almost always back it up with this law, and rule it out, allowing you to move on and ignore it.

3) Tell Stories

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As easy as it sounds, everyone loves a great story, and the best speeches are the ones that don’t feel like an intellectual pitch, yet more of an emotional narrative delivered in an exciting way.

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