3 reasons your prospects don’t like your product


How many times have you missed a sale and then you blame the prospect for not understanding?  How many times have you been with another sales agent and they are blaming the prospect as the reason they missed the sale.


It is easier to blame someone else instead of looking at the real reason why a prospect did or did not purchase.   Keep in mind we are after only one of two outcomes, to gain a new client or to learn from the process.


There are many reasons why prospects say no, however today we are looking at why they say no to your product.  Here are 3 reasons why.


  • You didn’t find your prospect’s needs.

So many sales agents brush over the real reason why a prospect needs their products or services.  The reason for this is due to the sales consultant not finding out the true motivators, they keep everything too surface level. What I mean by this is that they don’t find the true emotional reason why their prospect will make a decision to purchasing.  For example, a prospect would not purchase a new car because it is cheap or on sale, they will purchase a new car because they have had a new child and they need a larger car that has more safety features.


By understanding the real needs of your prospect you can therefore present your product differently.  You can start to show the real benefits that actually suit your prospect.


  • You explain your product the same to everyone.

How many times do you explain your product and how many times do you explain your product in a different way that suits your prospects needs?  One of the fundamental mistakes that a sales agent makes is presenting their product or service the same way each time.  One of the reasons for this is because being is sales is quite repetitive, so it is easy for them to just present the product the same way each time.


By doing this we have lost the real art of selling.  We need to present our product and services to suit our prospect.   This means we need to use our linking statements and then present what our prospects will use.  When we become lethargic in our sales process we do not engage our prospects though this step.


So many deals are lost through this step, and we need to make sure that we continually monitor our sales process.  Always present your products and services with your prospects needs in mind and not everyone’s needs are the same.


  • You only sell the features.

Ahh, Features Vs Benefits.  Every sales person has heard this terminology before, however, it is so easy to just present the features.  When this happens your close rate reduces and your sales process becomes weak.


When we present our product and services we need to explain to our prospect how they will benefit.  What are the main reasons they need your company over the rest of the competition?  Presenting your features will not bring enough emotion to make your prospect make a purchasing decision, explaining the benefits and how their problems will be solved by your product or service will develop a long term client relationship.


Overall there are many reasons why sales people miss sales, and here are 3 ways to help increase your close rate.  Always keep in mind that every sale is an opportunity for a new client and an opportunity to learn and become better.


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Wes York.

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