CLINTON…Sales Gone Wrong!

Clinton - Sales Gone Wrong

Clinton – Sales Gone Wrong

Elections and sales are probably not two things that you automatically think would go together……..but in the words of Forrest Gump ‘they go together like peas & carrots’.



Ironically when you think about it, out of the 2 of them, Clinton was the slick sales person. She was polished, perfectly coiffed in her power suits, a professional politician with many years of training and was a little (a lot)over confident. She spoke eloquently and never said a word out of place. She was clever and witty in her rebuttles.  Then how did this professionally trained politician with years of experience lose the SALE?


The first thing that stopped Clinton from closing the deal was that she assumed the sale way too early and stopped listening to her clients. Her clients, the voters, had been telling her in an indirect way that Trump shouldn’t be written off so soon by the fact that he was a candidate at all. Someone was listening to what he was saying, and liked it. It didn’t matter what Clinton thought of what he was saying, she wasn’t going to buy from him anyway. She should have been listening to her own clients and delivering to them what they wanted so they would buy (vote for) her.


She believed her own hype and closed the sale too early like so many cocky salespeople we all know. Relying on previous success and forgetting your only as good as your last deal. Despite what the polls were saying, she was focusing on her marketing and not her sale. Her slogans (marketing) were many and varied. Her marketing was a reactive approach not a proactive approach, thus, creating a message that kept changing. Clinton was scrambling while Trump was hustling. Clinton either didn’t have the ‘steps of the sale’ mapped out or she was too quick to change them dependant on what the clients (polls) were telling her.


Clinton is a professional politician, had she lost the ability to understand her client? Had she been in the game so long she thought she already knew all there was to know? She didn’t need to ask the questions, 1st, 2nd and in no way 3rd level. To create emotion and have voters feel they were on the journey WITH her. Every good salesperson knows that the client wants to BUY from you not get SOLD by you. In hindsight apparently the majority of voters felt they were being sold by Clinton and chose to buy from Trump.




Forever forward to be known as the President Elect. The shock is still ringing through many people’s minds but the fact of the matter is he closed the deal. He had his ‘steps of the sale’ mapped out and he didn’t waiver from it. Trump is a businessman, author, television personality and an entrepreneur. He is not singular in his thinking and would not be as successful as he is on a personal level, if he was a singular thinker. He needs to know his clients in every area of his business, everyday. He stuck to this proven sales plan through the campaign and election process.


Trump played to his strengths and knew his product well. He asked the questions and got 3rd level with his clients. He surpassed the obvious, the easy sale, and dug deeper to get to the clients that didn’t feel like they had a voice within the current professional political environment. Clinton was all too perfect and polished for them, too slick and salesy, which drew them to Trump like a moth to a flame.


He had one marketing strategy the whole campaign. ‘Let’s make America Great Again’. No changes and not determined by what people were thinking or saying on any given day. A strong, attention grabbing, marketing message, in line with the sales process he had, completely uncomplicated. Like a good sales presentation always is. He knew his product because he listened to his clients…….it was that simple.


Trump was the ultimate objection handler. Some may say he created some objections for himself, but he only ever tried to overcome the ones he thought would impede the sale. Many, many objections were thrown Trump’s way and he cleverly chose the ones he dealt with head on and the ones he let slide. It seems he chose correctly and the voters felt like he had overcome enough objections for them to buy from him. Clinton on the other hand underestimated the objections that came her way and unfortunately didn’t address them enough for clients to feel like they weren’t being sold.


Trump wasn’t looking to be liked, just elected. Clinton’s strategy won her a few battles but Trump’s strategy won him the war.


Now, for you to win the war we have created an Elite Sales Club 21 Day Sales Challenge to make you stronger, clearer and a more consistent salesperson, like Trump. Whatever you think of him personally, he is a great salesperson. This challenge has been designed ‘ to make YOU great again!’


Log on to the Elite Sales Club have a look, sign up and get started….keep it simple and stick to the plan to close more sales and beat your competitors.

Mindset is everything and Trump hustled to the end and listened to his clients……..keep it simple……..start the challenge today and in 21 days you too will be confident enough to think you could be the next President Elect!

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